Education Plus

Make Chetna Your Family member......

The concept of Education Plus initiative of abhimanu stems from 14 years of research and experimentation of abhimanu. The basic objective is to make “Chetna” an associate in the career building and intellectual journey of the child between the age groups 13 to 24 years of age. We wish to live up to expectations associated with our tag line “ Make Chetna Your family Member”. This includes institutional support provided through “Chetna club membership” which aim at providing support at three levels

School Plus

Providing skill mapping/up gradation and career programming support right from 8th to 12th standard. Chetna- a vision for informed future is well equipped to understand the mind of the child. This include providing timely inormtion about various aspects of education and career building process.

Graduation Plus

Making the graduation meaningful through various workshops and courses which take the child closer to the targeted career. Chetna associates with NIECD provide a value to the graduation of the child. The long term aim to reduce the settlement age of the child to 24-25 years. The basic assumption is if the child achives the desired career at early age , the probability of early settlement is high.

Life plus

The higher education requirement support and career progression in life should be well planned in order to excel in life. Value is added at various stages through chetna’s collaboration with AIC Mantra. The education should never stop nor the progression in life. Consultancy services

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