Classroom Courses

Right Decision at Right Time ...

Education Plus course aim at adding value to ongoing education of the student. The basic assumption behind the courses is that Child should not be allowed to suffer in his life because of faulty and highly deficient education system. The child is subjected to a system in which he/she loses hope , doesnot get incremental skill or intellectual development. We aim to supplement the existing education of the child

School Plus : Has skill oriented courses for children from 8th to 12th standard. After career programming , the timley provision of skills helps in realization of the child's potential.

Gradaution Plus : Accelerator, Achiever, Flyer courses along side gradaution help utilize time constructively to get skills to better career in future. We have Job oriented courses, courses for better performance in competitive examinations , Courses for entrepreneurial development.

Life Plus : Courses for careeer progression , startup development programmes etc are quite useful throughout life.