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Planning is all about Creating, making and utilizing choices

What we often do is career counseling whenever we reach out for a career consultant. At Chetna we do career programming which a holistic process is starting from Career Information to Self awareness to preparing a Plan of action. We provide a list of dos and donot which must be observed while pursuing the goal. Career programming is done in a two workshop. A candidate may also opt for “Follow ups” which includes counseling for behavioural correction, Skill improvement, Changes in Plan of Action etc

Career Program

Career Information: Making a student aware about various careers through a systematic lecture.
Self awareness : Being aware about one’s own strengths, capabilities and opportunities is a must for developing confidence for the goal which one strives for.
Plan of action : A good plan of action takes into account different factors which play a role in smooth achievement of goal.


Achievement of goal is a process and is frequently interfaced with behavioural and situational problems. Timely counseling and remedial action helps to keep child on the right track. Moreover the goals may change with time and a reframing of POA may be required.